My Courageous Wife

My wife Kaitlin, 28, was getting a new pair of eye glasses in Nov 2019 when the doctor mentioned something wasn’t normal behind her eyes. The results from her MRI was that she had a rare brain tumor the size of a tennis ball called Central Neurocytoma. Apparently the tumor had been growing for several years and we had no idea because she didn’t have any major symptoms. It was so serious that the doctors wanted to do surgery the next day and didn’t recommend us leaving because she could have had a seizure at any time. Just about month before finding out about the tumor, Kaitlin had a miscarriage and the doctors also mentioned that if she didn’t lose the baby, she would have died as well. Kaitlin’s surgery was on December 7, 2019. Right after surgery Kaitlin had a stroke which left a paralysis on the right side of her body and the inability to speak. About six days after surgery she got movement back in her right leg and on the eighth day she got some movement back in her right arm. On the fifteenth day of recovery, just before Christmas, my wife got her voice back! We were in the hospital for thirty days and then released to an acute rehab facility for twelve days. Kaitlin then was being recovering in an intense outpatient rehab program. About a day or two after her surgery I heard the song “See A Victory” by Elevation Worship and it just captivated me. From that very moment I started to plan this video. I listened to it many times throughout the good and tough days in the hospital, praying, and declaring victory over my wife. Through the power of Jesus, Kaitlin had so many victories and we give all the glory to God. We've had a baby girl since she's had surgery and she's doing very well. We are still declaring life and healing over her every day.