March 12, 2020



The United Nations ranks the 189 countries on a scale of overall health, education, and income. The country of Niger, Africa is at the bottom of the list; coming in at 189 in all three categories.

Wells 4 Wellness is an amazing organization that is dedicated to providing safe, clean drinking water to communities in Niger.

The founder of Wells 4 Wellness, Pat Herath, has been drilling wells since 2010 and she invites to celebrate by watching this documentary!

BOTTOM OF THE LIST is a seventeen minute documentary that highlights the story of water in one of the driest and impoverished places on Earth. This film features the villages and people that are being lifted out of sickness and poverty by receiving the gift of clean, abundant water.


Well4Wellness founder - Pat Herath

Writer/Narrator - Willie Herath

Co-Directors - Noah Richardson & Willie Herath

Editor - Willie Herath

Co-Directors of Photography - Noah Richardson & Willie Herath

Drone Pilot - Noah Richardson